Sunday, February 19, 2012

Something for Lent...hopefully

So...I've been quite quiet for a while on here.  I've just struggled with what to say and what to do with this blog.  I used to enjoy writing so much, but have been overwhelmed of late with doing it....

It is a sad state.

I hope to remedy this during Lent and maybe be able to get a habit going for the future.

During Lent, I hope to blog about why I ended up in the Anglican camp.  There are various categories that go into this.  I don't guarantee that everything will be accurate according to the various theological representations within Anglicanism that seem to believe that their particular vision of it is exactly what Anglicanism was 450 years ago.  But this is purely from my perspective, how I have observed and understood Anglicanism through the back drop of a "theological mut," so to speak.  It is true, I am a "mut" of sorts or maybe to put it more nicely, "a bit eclectic" theologically, as I said the other night to a friend.

Eclectic in the good sense, not the crazy, grabbing stuff from every where and slapping it together with no coherence what-so-ever...Wait, isn't that what eclecticism is??  

Anyway...This blog will hopefully be updated day by day to recount my story into Anglicanism.  It will be very ad hoc and without much planning or citations from authors that I have read or anything like that...sort of a memoir that takes me through Methodism into generic evangelicalism with a nice Baptist flavor into Lutheranism (liberal and conservative brands), a side step in the Presbyterian church while I worked everything out and then finally landing Anglicanism.

The first few days will be me recounting my history and church experience of sorts to give some outlines of the contours of how I think theologically.  Then I'll try to keep each week to a particular topic with entries that probe into the various aspects of that topic.

We'll see how it all turns out at the end of the day.  Hopefully, it will be a good exercise in writing and let me sort through some of the muddle that is my brain as of late.

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